About Us

I love to travel!  I travel for my business and pleasure.

As frequently as I travel, I was constantly having issues with the pressure build up that comes with high altitude travel affecting my toiletries.

Arriving to my various destinations, I would get to my hotel after a long flight and all I longed for was a warm shower and a change out of my traveling clothes.

Upon opening my luggage, I was often greeted with an explosion of my shampoo and lotions all over my carefully packed clothing and accessories.  After hundreds of dollars spent on laundry, replacing ruined items, and hours of my time that was taken away from the purpose of my trip to deal with the aftermath, I felt I had to come up with a solution.

I would think to myself, if only I could find something that would contain my liquids and keep them from exploding all over my suitcase!  I looked through store after store and travel websites for ideas and could not find anything that didn’t have the risk of ruining everything I traveled with.  I came to the realization that I needed to come up with it myself. I wanted to develop something with a hard case so my glass perfume and make up bottles couldn’t break.  Something lightweight that would fit easily into my luggage or carry on. I needed something that would organize my items because I’m a little obsessive about finding what I need in a pinch.  Additionally, something that would hold my liquids that could handle the pressure and not explode.

Six years ago, I met the love of my life. He, being a frequent traveler himself, understood my vision and upon sharing my idea, he said “let’s do it”.  Three years and several prototypes later, LuxePak was born!

Being a creature of comfort, I like to travel with my own personal favorites, like my net shower puff. I had to include that with a LuxePak.  My sister, who travels a lot as well, has very sensitive skin and I thought of her when also including an option for a Konjac sponge.  The bottles inside the LuxePak have an easy click lock without having to turn the pump, minimizing liquid loss from inside the bottle.

Our first prototype had a smooth surface exterior.  Based on some feedback from our travelers, we created a skid proof design to the exterior which has become our brand.   There is a simple closing mechanism on the LuxePak so if something leaks inside of the box, it is easy to deal with.  Warm soap and water is all you need to clean your LuxePak.  We have a bracket inside the LuxePak that holds your bottles in place but is also removable so you can use the space for other things you may travel with. LuxePak is TSA compliant. I, personally, have never been stopped by TSA to inspect the contents of my LuxePak.

It’s fun to think of new ways to utilize my LuxePak. I’ve used it for my Vape set, jewelry, and make up. I, also, have a case that I use specifically for the gym!

I am still looking for something that competes with LuxePak on store shelves. I have yet to find anything that has the solutions we have developed to avoid messy accidents and keeping with the ability to organize your belongings. 

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki