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Think inside the box.

What is Luxe TravelPak™

Our 6"x6"x3" Luxe TravelPak™  is brandable, customizable, airtight, water-resistant, and pressure resistant.  Our compact, hard shell case is lightweight, TSA compliant and is durable up to 215 lbs.  Our creative design incorporates a non-skid surface for added safety.  LuxePak™ also features two 2 oz EZ-click lock bottles, one 2 oz spray top bottle, a removable bottle bracket, and storage net. 

NEW!!  Introducing Luxe EcoPak 

You can now get a Luxe TravelPak™  with some great products already in the bottles!  We promote the use of mineral based, reef-friendly/deet-free products.  Now get bottles with sunscreen, bodywash/shampoo, and leave-in hair conditioner.  LuxePak™ is devoted to protecting you, our fish, reefs, lakes, streams, and oceans with Stream2Sea eco-friendly products, reusable case and, refillable bottles.

Think inside the box.  Use your imagination…

Luxe TravelPak™


Luxe TravelPak™


Luxe TravelPak™


Luxe TravelPak™



I'm very happy with my LuxePak mini.  I travel many times a month both domestically and internationally and I'm always looking for was to facilitate the journey. This case holds pretty much everything I need!


This case is awesome!  I use it for all kinds of things but mostly I take it to the beach to hold my sunscreen and keys!

Jenny R.

I LOVE my LuxePak, I bought the pink one and it fits all my make up.


This case fits great in my carry on. I can fit my razor, toothbrush, toothpaste and cologne. I have all my essentials with me so I don't have to worry about it being unavailable if my luggage gets lost.

Wayne Stidham




Supporting a Good Cause

A portion of our sales goes to the Unabuseable organization which supports survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse.