Top 5 Potential Luggage Nightmares

The odds are relatively low you will lose your luggage when you travel on board an airplane.  Statistically, according to the Air Travel Consumer Report issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, you face less than a one percent chance a major airline will misplace your bags.  Nevertheless, don’t just pack, Luxe TravelPak!.

Beyond the possibility of losing your luggage, think about these top five potential luggage nightmares: 

  1. Shampoo, gel, and mousse squirt out all over your packed clothing. The disaster is completely avoidable with Luxe TravelPak cases loaded with EZ click-lock bottles filled with your personal favorites, not the hotel mini-bottles.
  2. A mouthwash bottle opens up inside your bag causing green liquid to leak out the sides of your suitcase. 
  3. The expensive creams you rely on come undone and absorb into your clothing, wasting the product. 
  4. Your liquid make-up foundation bottle cracks and the beige liquid stains everything inside your suitcase.
  5. The spray on aerosol deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh explodes all over your expensive shoes. They are now sticky from toe-to-heel and everywhere in between. 

All of those luggage disasters could have been avoided with the hard-sided durable and airtight Luxe TravelPak.  A bottle bracket keeps two 2 oz EZ-click-lock bottles and one spray top bottle in place.  A mesh net securely holds your items on the other side.

Our TSA compliant Luxe TravelPak can also be taken boating, camping, cruising, fishing, river rafting, and to the gym. Actually, the uses are innumerable.  Why not pack your jewelry safely away in a Luxe TravelPak or loan them to your kids for their school supplies.  Available in a variety of fashion-forward colors, Luxe TravelPak cases are durable up to 215 lbs.

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